Musee de la porcelaine

The Wedding Room

Information for future couples

Access to the Castle Wedding Room (45 persons): access from the inside courtyard of the Castle. The staff will show you how to access the Wedding Room on the second floor of the Museum.

Access by lift: The lift is located in the courtyard, backing on to the stairs, but is not for use by the general public. It is mainly reserved for persons with reduced mobility or in a wheelchair. The staff will show you how to use the lift.

Using the Wedding Room: The room can accommodate 35 persons seated and 10 standing, with a maximum capacity of 45 persons, including children. This is because of safety concerns; the personnel have no authority to make exceptions, in accordance with article 3 of the regulations for the use of the Wedding Room issued by the Nyon Town Council.

Use of surveillance cameras: For safety reasons, the Wedding Room has a surveillance camera, like all the other rooms in the Museum. The room can only be used with this proviso. Recordings are not kept or made public and are regularly destroyed.

Useful information: Ten minutes prior to the ceremony, we would kindly ask you to send a master of ceremonies to the coutyard.

Access to the Wedding Room in the Ferme du Manoir – town council chamber  (100 persons): This room can be reserved for weddings when more than 45 persons are present. After the Registry Office of Morges has been informed, reservations may be made by calling 022 316 46 54, or Access to the room is to the right of the Place du Château facing the lake. The room is located on the top floor of the building.

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